Meet Our Interior Designer: Rachel Winkler

The wallpaper is hung, brochures are out, signage is up… We are proud to announce our office is finished! And we couldn’t be more pleased or impressed with our supremely talented designer, Rachel Winkler at RLK Interior Design (more on Rachel after the pics)!

Come on in, let us show you around!

We are located at 202 The Plaza in Teaneck, NJ.

What do you think about our new wallpaper? We think the pattern is a perfect fit for our space. It gives the office a contemporary feel and we love that the interlocking octagons look like chain LINKS!

Our glossy take-away brochures are on display right at the front desk. Browse our listings and help yourself to a new home while you sip a complimentary cup of coffee!

Our conference room is open and always available for meetings with our qualified agents. Official Disclaimer: These chairs are extremely comfortable. You may be tempted to spend the afternoon in this room. We don’t mind, and we share the remote.

So, there it is: the mini-tour of our office. We are so happy with all the final touches and we owe the credit to our designer, Rachel Winkler.

Rachel is super creative, responsive, patient, professional, and a complete pleasure to work with! She graduated from Stern College for Women and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and has been in the interior design industry for 10 years. She specializes in high end interior design for residential and commercial spaces and works with clients on paint colors, furniture choices, and space planning. Forced with the challenge of providing a luxury service during a shaky economic time, Rachel created a “design on a budget” plan, proving that elegance can be infused into any type of space, and on any budget. Rachel recently opened RLK Interior Design.


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