Preparing To List Your Home For Sale

There are many factors that affect the price of a home: location, condition, amenities of a home, supply and demand, and the local marketplace. Getting a true and honest market analysis on your home from a full time local agent will help you develop a realistic and competitive pricing strategy for your home, designed to bring in the right, qualified buyers.

Hiring the right agent to get your house sold

Finding the Right Agent:

A local full time agent will be able to best serve your needs as a seller. She or he will design and implement the right marketing system geared towards today’s buyers with as much information as possible will be crucial to getting your house sold in the shortest period of time with the least inconvenience to you. Putting your house on the market at the right price from day one will help sell your house more quickly. The more exposure your house has with marketing and with buyers getting to see the house, the more likely your house will sell quickly.

Written Seller’s Disclosure:

This has become a major part of a home sale transaction in New Jersey. A good agent will ask you to fill out the Seller’s Disclosure Statement; a form that gives the sellers an opportunity to inform the buyer to the best of their knowledge physical aspects of the property. This includes numerous categories such as land condition, structural condition, plumbing, roofing, electrical, additions or remodeling of the property. In my experience, the written disclosure is the best way to clearly communicate information between the seller and potential buyers. It will reduce uncertainty and misunderstandings, thus giving buyers confidence and peace of mind when negotiating on a property.

Preparing Your Home:

A house that “sparkles” on the surface will sell faster than its shabby neighbor, even though both are structurally well maintained. From experience, a staged house is more appealing to buyers and will sell faster, and for a higher price. Additionally, buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a well-cared for home; believing if what they are able to see is maintained, then aspects of the house they cannot see, has probably also been maintained. In preparing your house for sale think about the following:

What Will People See When They Walk In?:

Evaluate what your house looks like as you step in through the door. Does it look crowded or cluttered? Can people see past the “you” in the room and see the room itself? Have your real-estate agent to walk through your house as they may notice things that you may not. The agent may have suggestions for small improvements or repairs that could help you sell your house. Touch up the exterior, paint if it’s starting to flake or peel or fix any siding, gutters, or roof that look loose or that is missing. Maintain your lawn, garden, shrubs and keep the lawn watered as this is the first thing that the buyer will see as they pull up to the house.

Showings of your home:

Access to you house when the buyers wants to see it is very helpful when selling. Everyone is busy and there is always a lot going on, but when a buyer wants to see your house it is very helpful that they can come when they are available to take the time and look at it. By making it more convenient for real estate agents to show your home, it will be viewed by a greater number of buyers and will help your house sell more quickly. There is a huge value of placing a lock box on your home; a key storage system placed on an entrance to your home that is accessible only by active, licensed real estate agents. With today’s technology, most lock boxes allow your agent to know which agent showed your house and when. A lock box allows sales agents to show your home when you’re not there, without having to go to the listing sales agent’s office to obtain (and later return) the key.

One thing to always remember is to always be patient with the market and with buyers in the current real estate environment we are in.


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