Practical Tips for Simple Home Staging

Making some interior design changes really can be effective in facilitating a sale. Here are some accessible tips:

Consult a Professional:

If you can hire a professional stager, interview several, look at their work and be sure to ask for references. If full services are out of your price range, see if one will give you consultation by the hour. Your real estate agent can also be a good source for feedback.

Make a List of Problem Areas:

If you go the DIY route, visit a builder’s model to see what the experts are doing and look at the web sites of local stagers. Then walk through your home and make a list of areas that are cluttered, dark, dated, unappealing, and have items that are worn out, dirty or dingy. The basic idea is to present a home that is more neutral, less personal, yet inviting to the eye and well kept up.


What rooms, areas or items look the worst, most worn out, or most unappealing? Be honest! Go gently, but don’t be afraid: Many things can be spruced up for a surprisingly little amount of money if you research and shop carefully.

De-clutter/ De-personalize:

De-junk your junk room or cluttered counter. Cut your display of personal items, knick knacks and even photos. Consider what furniture you can remove from each room to make the space look larger. Ask friends to store some of your stuff, or get a small storage space if you have to. And definitely give away anything you’re not looking forward to move to your new home.

Brighten Up:

Add lighting. Aim for 60-100 watts for every 50 square feet. Mix different types of lighting in each room, including ambient, overhead, reading/task.

Clean/ Paint/ Refresh:

Find a way to refresh what needs refreshing. Hire a professional cleaning service if needed; otherwise, make a list of problem areas and scrub them down yourself. Dated, dirty and worn out paint can be replaced. Even bathroom tiles can be painted with special epoxy paint.

Use Modern Neutrals:

Too-bright and too-dark colors are negatives. When you paint, choose modern-looking neutral colors such as dove gray, gray blue, taupe, honey beige, very light serene blues, even light lavender.

And don’t forget to congratulate yourself, because you are engaged in something which will help you sell your home!


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