Improving Your Homes Curb Appeal

Put your best face forward when it comes to presenting your home for sale. These tips will help ensure that when buyers drive up to your home it’ll be a case of love at first sight.

Color Me Beautiful:
Nothing perks up a home’s exterior better or faster than revitalizing coats of fresh, weather-resistant paint.

No Drive-Bys Here:
Give a tired-looking driveway a new lease on life by applying a coat of jet-black sealer to your asphalt pavement. If you have a concrete driveway, you may want to rent a pressure washer to remove grass stains and tire marks. A more expensive, but worthwhile, option would be to install a stone or brick driveway for a definite “wow” factor.

Flower Power:
Beautify your front yard with flowers for a vibrant burst of appealing color and fragrance. What’s in the box? Overflowing with flowers, window boxes offer an irresistible draw for the eye.

Rock On:
Make a bold statement by using garden rocks or boulders to accentuate plantings or create grounding decorative touches. For instance, use stones to delineate the perimeter of your garden or front walkway; consider stacking river rocks about four inches to one foot high to create a centerpiece in your yard.

Weeds Away!:
Get rid of unsightly weeds, crabgrass and other lawn spoilers. Keep your lawn well mowed and watered to cultivate a look of lush greenery.

Prune to Perfection:
Trim shrubs and plantings for a neat and attractive look that proudly proclaims this home is well maintained and lovingly cared for.

Add Some Window Dressing:
As decorative as they are functional, shutters add another welcoming element of style and personality to your home’s exterior. For a coordinated look, choose the same color as your front door.


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