My New Year’s Resolution: Hit the Housing Market

The American Dream is Alive and Well….

While hitting the gym is your standard New Year’s Resolution, by the time February hits the fitness craze begins to dwindle. How about making your New Year’s “goal” to move into your own home in 2015? The biggest secret to making the home buying process stress-free, is simply planning. As the real estate market shows a promising 2015, there are a number of advantages that can guide you towards attaining your homeownership goals.

It’s a New Year, forget the rumored slow winter season housing market. House hunting at this very moment can be beneficial. Some factors to consider are inventory, determined sellers, and dedicated real estate professionals.

Its’s no fun to be left in the dark when making one of the biggest financial decisions in your life. Become educated on the home buying process and have your Realtor explain the steps of buying a home in today’s market; after all, it’s FREE! In any given transaction, the buyer doesn’t pay a commission. Commissions are set by the seller and the agent representing them. That being said, using a licensed and experienced real estate agent is not only ESSENTIAL, but it doesn’t cost you a dime!

Tips to Consider:

Get Pre-Approved

Know your options. Lenders are now more willing to accept lower down payments, than you standard 20%. For example, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, recently publicized the introduction of a new lending option for first-time homeowners that allows them to put down as little as 3%!

Work With a Licensed Real Estate Agent

With all the information available online these days, go ahead and start browsing. But consumers who are serious about buying a home will pick up the phone and contact a Real Estate professional. It is important to have a professional guide you through the process, provide you with factual information, and most importantly, represent you.

House Hunting

Since more available homes are expected to come on the market in 2015, it will create a better, less frantic buyers’ market. Don’t be shy, make your wish list, and tell your agent everything that you are looking for; they will do the rest.  


By Aleshia Jijon, Realtor


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