6 Easy Tips to Prep Your Home to Sell

Although you have lived in your home for ages and love everything about it, a few easy improvements can go a long way when your home is being prepped for potential buyers. With the high inventory of homes on the market today, buyers can afford to be choosy. They are looking for the best, so your home can easily be overlooked if it’s not in pristine condition.

1. Clean: Make sure the house is clean. Not only storing things in the closets, but also dusting, moping, and using Windex on those mirrors. Don’t forget to put the toilet seat down and flush the toilet before having a showing.

2. Smells: I advise clients to boil a cinnamon stick before a showing, especially if no one has been home all day or if they just finished cooked a strong smelling dish.

3. Clutter: Place your ‘extra’ toys and furniture in storage or a closed garage, so that buyers can actually visualize the home for its space and not your belongings.

4. Paint: You may love accent walls, but they make some rooms look a bit small. A great suggestion is to repaint dark walls to a neutral color. It gives off a larger impression of the room to the naked eye.

5. Organize: Throwing your dirty laundry into a closet will not do the trick in this case. Potential buyers will open those closet doors. Your best bet is throwing it all in a basket in the laundry room or in the washing machine.

6. Curb Appeal: A first impression can often leave a lasting imprint on buyers. Mow your lawn, plant some pretty flowers, make sure there isn’t garbage strewn on the front lawn, and if it is snowing shovel the steps and walkway.

By: Michelle Wasserlauf
Sales Associate / Realtor


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