22 Simple Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

You can never have enough ways to make your home more efficient. Here are some great ways to recycle, upcycle, and generally improve your home life in unexpected ways. Be sure to check out our Home Hacks section for more awesome home improvements.

1. If your bathroom doesn’t have a towel rack, you use door knobs just as well.

Via sublime-docr.com

2. Hide your thermostat behind a framed painting to get rid of a common eyesore.

Via thethirdboob.com

3. Paper towel holders can be used for different purposes, like displaying your bracelet collection.

Via Brit.co

4. Here’s a creative way to recycle an old drawer into a multipurpose shelf.

Via how-do-it.com

5. If you simply HAVE TO HAVE a polka-dot paint job, find an old laundry basket and viola, instant stencil.

Via Pinterest

6. Here’s a great way of upcycling a wine rack. Bonus if you have wine-colored towels!

Via Pinterest

7. Shoes aren’t the only thing these organizers can display. There are endless uses for this one.

Via Pinterest

8. Use a couple of coat rack hooks to hang your ironing board out of sight.

Via nashidoma.info

9. Make a rustic bathroom organizer by turning your old wooden CD case upward and mounting it above your sink.

Via itsy-bits-and-pieces

10. Make laundry detergent easier to dispense (and easier on the eyes) with a large dispenser jar.

Via Your Little Birdie

11. Baby jars are an easy way to store leftover paint for touching things up later.

Via Real Simple

12. A shower curtain rod can be used for more than hanging a shower curtain.

Via Eeward.com

13. Need to hide a key? Stick it in an empty bottle for pills, turn it over and glue a pinecone to the bottom. Then bury it so only the pinecone shows.

Via Factory Direct Craft

14. Hide your internet modem (or other shelved eyesores) by creating a bookcase cover compartment.

Via DIY Real

15. Use ice cubes to reconstitute the dented areas of your carpet. Here’s how.

Via Coldwell Banker

16. You wouldn’t believe how effective it is to squeegee up pet hair from your carpet. It literally works like magic.

Via Barnorama.com

17. Believe it or not, you can ball up aluminum foil and use it as a dryer sheet replacement, for up to six months! See the details here.

Via Budget Savvy Diva

18. Are you tired of tripping or slipping on loose floor rugs? Fix them to your wooden floors with acrylic-latex caulk.

Via Pinterest

19. Shower hooks can make hanging your jeans a breeze!

Via Pinterest

20. You can turn paper organizers into a great way to keep your sandals organized.

Via Pinterest

21. Legos are easy to clean if you use a net bag and a washing machine.

Via Pinterest

22. Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer for easily retrieving dropped nails.

Via Dream a Little Bigger

Written By: Lighter Side Of Real Estate Staff


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