Window Cleaning Hacks: How To Make Your Home’s Windows Shine

Window cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Make it fun and efficient with these window-cleaning hacks.


1. Prevent streaks with a microfiber cloth.

Unlike paper towels that smear the dirt around, a microfiber cloth will trap dust and dirt, leaving your windows free of residue. Use the cloth in a circular motion, covering the whole area with overlapping strokes, and you can prevent streaking.

2. Clean with a blackboard eraser.

If you’re still seeing streaks, try rubbing a blackboard eraser over your windows to eliminate any marks. Don’t have a blackboard eraser handy? Try using a soft cotton shirt. Either one eradicates lingering streaks without leaving behind dirt, dust or lint.

3. Make your own DIY glass cleaner.

Purchasing a good glass cleaner is key. As much as a store-bought glass cleaner is good, it does leave some streakiness. Try a natural solutions with organic ingredients, or make your own window cleaning solution with two parts water, one part soap and one part vinegar. Gently spray the mixture on your windows, wipe it away, and then rinse windows with water to prevent soap buildup.

4. Use an air compressor to clear out dirt and dust.

Don’t stress about those hard-to-clean places — use an air compressor to do the job. Even handheld air compressors are good at cleaning some areas you might be unable to get to.

5. Clean blinds with kitchen tongs.

To quickly and easily clean blinds, wrap rags around a pair of tongs and secure them with rubber bands. Clamp the tongs onto the blinds and drag them across to pick up excess dust. You’ll be left with clean blinds that you won’t be afraid to touch.


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