Top Tips to Ease the Stress of Hosting Holiday Parties


Are you hosting a holiday party this year? Hosting has its share of anxieties: Will everyone have a good time? Will I be able to enjoy the event? Will the kids behave? Will the food be good?

It is always a lot of pressure to host a family get-together, especially when it’s your first time. You hope that everyone will enjoy, and you cross your fingers that the kids will be on their best behavior. Here are a few tips to ease the stress on getting your home ready for company:

1. In your kitchen, make sure the refrigerator is working properly and is clear of any old food. People will be using your fridge for drinks, condiments, and other snacks they may be in the mood for the night of the party – make sure there are no embarrassing items in there!

2. Tighten all loose screws on cabinets that may be opened during the evening so that they don’t fall or break on any of your guests.

3. Don’t use the self-cleaning feature of your oven the day of the party. Doing a self-cleaning can be stressful to the oven and you don’t need a non-working appliance right before a house full of hungry guests arrive. Wipe down your oven and stovetop instead.

4. Let’s be honest, the bathroom is likely to be the dirtiest space in your home. Clean the toilets well, mop the floors, and wipe down the sink area. Make sure there is toilet paper, and keep extra rolls visible for the guests. Refill the liquid soap dispenser so it won’t run out, and keep hand towels on the towel rack. Also keep disposable hand towels easily reachable for when cloth towels have been used too many times. Throw out the trash and put a new, clean bag in. Windex the mirrors, keep Lysol sanitizing spray as well as air freshening spray in the bathroom for the guests to use as needed. Refill the tissues and don’t forget to keep that good plunger in the bathroom for any mishaps!

5. Make sure all lights are working inside and outside of the home. Walkways can get icy this time of year, so keep the area well lit and clear of ice or snow.

6. You can make a rule that no one is allowed in the bedrooms and keep the doors closed, but if you have that one nosy family member, you’ll want to make the beds and keep all clutter and clothing off the floor and furniture. Put laundry in the laundry room and stray clothes in the closets and drawers.

7. Your living room, dining room, and kitchen area will be the most used rooms in the house during your event. You can’t clean up while your company is there so when your guests arrive everything should be dusted, vacuumed, mopped, wiped down and well cleaned. This will be the first impression your family will have when walking through the door.

Most importantly, remember to have a good time with your family and friends during the holiday season! Try not to make yourself crazy before the event, because cleaning up after everyone leaves is the hardest part.

Happy Holidays!

Written By: Michelle Wasserlauf
Michelle is a New Jersey real estate agent specializing in first time home buyers and finding families homes. As a local Bergenfield resident, Michelle has a great understanding of Northern New Jersey, and in particular, Bergen County real estate. Michelle is known for her honesty and genuine approachability when it comes to helping clients find their perfect home. Please contact Michelle Wasserlauf to buy or sell your home at 646.702.8577





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