Home Items Toxic for Pets

10 Things in Your Home That Could Be Making Your Pet Sick


Even though some food scraps are safe to toss to your dog as a pre-dinner treat, dough is not one of them. It can expand in their stomach, which could cut off blood supply and require surgery to fix it. Yeast produces alcohol, which could lead to seizures or respiratory failure.

If this is your favorite flower, consider yourself warned: Lillies can cause kidney failure in cats and heart rhythm issues or death in both dogs and cats. Other toxic plants pet owners should avoid at home are azaleas, mistletoe and philodendron.

Pain killers, cold meds, vitamins and even ointments or creams (since your dog will likely chew through the tube) should be kept out of reach, because even though they’re formulated to help your health, they’re toxic to animals.

Even though tossing a chicken wing to your dog might feel like a generous way to show your pet you love them, if the bone shatters due to being chewed on, your dog could choke. Yikes! It might be safer to stick with pet store teething toys and treats instead.

We’re sure chocolate is a must-have for movie marathons with your girlfriends. But if your pet is planning on joining you, it may be safer to skip this sweet since it’s poisonous for cats and dogs. (And ferrets, but we doubt that’s a problem you need to worry about.)

This material is easy to swallow and when that happens, it becomes super dangerous, potentially causing intestinal blockages or strangulation in your pet. Other similar items you should watch out for include string, yarn and rubber bands.

While your pet might appreciate the power of this household item for keeping their laser toy working, if he or she bites into a battery it could lead to ulcers in their mouth, esophagus or stomach.

The same stuff that keeps your pet from slipping in the winter might also irritate their paws. Since sidewalk salt is poisonous, you do not want your pet licking it off themselves. Instead, wash their paws as soon as they come inside or invest in some animal shoes.

After taking a load of laundry out of the dryer, make sure you collect all the sheets you added before the cycle started. If your pet gets ahold of them, they may think it’s a fun play toy, when in reality these sheets can cause ulcers in their mouth, esophagus or stomach.

If you or anyone who visits your home regularly smokes, keep your pack of cigarettes (or patch if you’re trying to quit) out of reach of cats and dogs. Ingestion of nicotine can lead to vomiting, tremors, collapse and death in animals.

Written by Lauren Smith • housebeautiful.com

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